bee-1726659_1920Recently, someone asked a question about something they read. It presented the fact that if we are ‘trying’ to be a good Christian, that we didn’t know what it meant to really ‘be’ a christian. (This came from “The Road Back to You” by Cron and Stabile.) While this may seem a bit confusing for those living in this world, it holds some valuable truths.

We must accept that we live in a society that glorifies those who succeed, many times at great and painstaking work. It was from the ‘sweat of their brow’ they achieved the level of success they are. By the code of society, we are the ones who accomplish everything; we are self-reliant. I know as I lived into this for so many years. I worked long hours, devoted so much time to the success of the businesses that I was working for. I wanted to be accepted, valued, and praised for what I could accomplish. It was all about me and what I could do. Many of you might be in that same boat, trying to be the best employee, the best boss, the best parents, or the best whatever it may be for you.

Then we encounter Jesus and things shift, dramatically. However, our worldly minds kick in and we try to become the best Christian we can. We attend worship, join a small group, attend meetings, serve within the community, and do a host of other things, all in the name of trying to be the best Christian we can. But many times we forget the most important piece, allowing God to encourage, empower, and guide us in those actions. We can’t seem to get out of God’s way as we strive to serve God. We even enter into our prayer time and tell God just how good we’ve been. Do you see God, how we served that meal yesterday, how we volunteered to read scripture for worship, or how we visited 3 people last week in the hospital?

If we are quiet enough, I think we might hear God at times say “Yes, I saw that, but did you bring me with you? Did you let me give you wisdom in what to say or not say? Did you allow me to guide your footsteps?” God wants to be that integral part of your life, involved in everything. And we need God in our lives, otherwise we can’t do anything. Jesus tells us that He is the vine and we are the branches, apart from Him we can do nothing. So, why are we trying?

We can try to change our lives, but the One who can truly change us, is Jesus Christ. It is through the grace of God that we are transformed into the ‘best’ that we can become. And we must remember that God’s grace is not something that we earn or something we work towards. This grace is something that’s given to us as a gift. When we accept this grace, the change that we desire happens to us, through the love and grace of God.

We need God. Stop trying to be the best Christian, and allow God to transform you into the Christian you are meant to be. Allow the change to happen to you.