hummingbird-691483_1280The other morning, I walked out onto the front porch at home and received a wonderful message from God. You see, as I came out to spend my 15 minutes alone in reading, prayer, and listening, I was drawn to the vines that divide the property to the east. These vines seemed to be growing where they might not have been wanted as they were covering a hedge of arborvitaes that were devastatingly affected by the bitter cold over the previous winter. When we first moved in, I noticed the bushes and wondered about talking to the neighbors about removing them, however, over the past month this vine has taken over the hedge and has brought new life to this area of the yard. Isn’t amazing how God can bring this new life to things that seem dead, covering them in fresh life? As intriguing as this was, there was something else that really caught my attention.

There are some flower buds on this vine and there was a hummingbird flittering from bud to bud, no doubt drinking in the nectar from the flowers. It was beautiful to see God’s creation at work. I am in awe of these tiny birds. Their wings beat so fast, so continuously, that you can almost get the illusion that they have no wings, just a blur of movement. Even though they are working so hard to hover, it seems effortless for them. But then something happened…

There are not many times that I have witnessed this, but the hummingbird landed on one of the branches. The continuous motion of wings, paused. The hummingbird rested.

I wonder how much this resembles our lives of constant motion. I wonder if we, like the hummingbird, feel that we need to keep moving. There is so much work to do, so many places to go, so many people to talk to, so many activities to attend, and the constant reminders from society to keep our wings beating. We need to keep our social media post current, showing just how good things are, how busy we are, how connected we are. Wings, constantly moving, even when we seem idle. Some of us have become so good at this, making it look almost effortless.

But what would it look like to stop for just moment like that hummingbird? What would happen if we take the time to pause and listen, reflect, gain encouragement and strength, and then head out to do the will of God? I thank God for that little reminder within the life of this little hummingbird. God’s messages are all around us, every day.

How are your 15 minutes going?