fear imageWhat are you afraid of? What do you worry about? My daughter is terrified of thunderstorms. I am deathly afraid of bees. Not that I’m allergic to them, I just don’t want them anywhere near me. Other people are afraid of losing things, of the dark, of strange places, of meeting new people, and the one particularly showcased in social media; the fear of missing out. We constantly scroll down the endless feed on our Facebook accounts, afraid that something might happen that we don’t want to miss. Or maybe the fear that will never live up to what we see on social media. We see all the exotic places our friends travel to, the wonderful food they take pictures of, and the perfect family activities they just experienced, and we wonder if we can keep up. But fear isn’t the only thing, there is also worry. We worry about being a good parent or spouse. We worry about not having enough time, about obstacles that are in the way of our dreams. We even worry about the unknown. We worry, just to worry.

So, what do we do? Are there simple ways that we can eliminate worry and fear from our life? Where’s the life lesson in this? I think we can to look to scripture for a few answers. Now, these are just a couple of ideas and there are plenty of others, but I hope that by looking to some of the people of the bible and the struggles they had with fear and worry, that they will be able to help us with some of our own fear and worry.

Gideon was just another Israelite working out in the fields when God spoke to him and called him to lead an army against the Midianites. Certainly, worry and fear come whenever you are leading a group into battle, but God creates even more worry when he whittles Gideon’s army from 22,000 to 10,000. That’s more than half, how is he going to win the battle with less than half of his army. But God wasn’t done yet. He eliminates another large number until Gideon is down to 300 soldiers. 300; from 22,000! This is going to be impossible! Can you imagine what was going on in Gideon’s mind? The fear and worry about the upcoming battle and how this was going to play out? I know that he was afraid, because Judges 7:10 tells us; “But if you are afraid to go down, go down to the camp with Purah your servant.” Gideon goes down to the camp. He hears about a dream that God had given the battle to Gideon and that he was victorious. So, they fight, and they win.

Gideon gave his fear over to God. He surrendered his plan and followed God’s. He also knew that he wasn’t alone, that God was there with him. So, remember that God is with you, and surrender your fear and you worry to God.

We hear about Abraham and his conversation with God over the City of Sodom. God announces that he is going to destroy Sodom and wants Abraham to know about this plan. Now, remember that Abraham’s brother Lot was living in Sodom. How would Abraham have been feeling, knowing what God’s plan was. Certainly, he was worried about his brother’s life. So, Abraham begins a bargaining session with God. “If I can find 50 righteous people in Sodom, will you spare them?” God’s response was yes! “Ok, what if I find 45? What about 40, 30, 20?” God again says yes, he will spare them. “What about 10?” Abraham was worried. He confronted his worry with a conversation with God. He spent some time alone with God, praying.

When fear and worry grab hold of us, we need to get away for a little focus time. We need to spend a few moments alone with our creator. I keep encouraging you to take 15 minutes every day to spend reading scripture and talking with God. How are your 15 minutes? This is another step in eliminating worry in your life. Give it up to God and spend some time talking with God about what’s going on in your life.

Finally, King David was a busy man. Running a kingdom can keep you on your toes. I can only imagine the many things he needed to do every day. I’m sure he would have worried about having more time. We can see this in the many Psalms that he wrote. So many times, we hear him speak about being afraid. The fact that he wrote so many Psalms, and many about fear, tells me that David found the time to slow down and write. When we are in a hurry, fear and worry are not far behind. We need to stop the hurry to eliminate the worry.

So, give your fear and worry over to God. Spend 15 minutes in alone time with God, have a conversation. And then slow down, eliminate the hurry and know that God is with you.