When-Christians-Get-It-Wrong-Sermon-Slide-Wk2-option2I asked for a response recently on my Facebook page regarding people’s thoughts on Christians, Science and Politics. He are a couple of the comments I received; “It doesn’t even look right to see all three in the same sentence!” “They should all go together in my opinion.”

Others said this; “Ooh, ooh…Fun talk! Pour the wine and gather round my friends!” and “Science and religion are not antithetical but really complementary.” And finally; “Two responses – 1) a perpetually triangulated disagreement; and 2) 3 cats chasing each others tail…”

As we focus on places where Christians get it wrong, we turn our attention to science and politics. We will look at science today, but if you want to hear what my thoughts are on politics, you can check out the video sermons on our website.

For many years, people of the Christian faith have been close minded to the experiments of science. Not accepting some of the findings of great scientists of today. Let’s travel back to Genesis chapter one; In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters. This is what I was taught, maybe what you were taught as well. But what does this chapter of Genesis really tell us? Is it a how-to manual on the steps God took to create this world and the universes around us? Does it tell us how many pieces it took to create man?

Think about this, in those days, the entire world was very small, all based out of the middle east. America wasn’t discovered yet; the view of the world was infantile. The people of that day would never have understood how God created this wonderful world, they just knew He did it. Not until around 1492 did we know the earth wasn’t flat!

Case in point; On June 22nd, 1633 the church announces that a certain man was a heretic and confined him to his home for proposing the notion that earth was not the center of the universe. At that time everyone knew that the earth was the center of the universe and that everything revolved around it. Galileo stated the earth rotated around the sun, a notion that put the entire world on its ear. The church starts to get it wrong here. The more we become close minded and unaccepting to the findings of science, the more we become irrelevant to the world, and to those in the world who might not be looking for “how” but looking for “why.” We get it wrong when we become quick to speak and slow to listen, assuming that we know it all. We don’t, there is only One who knows it all, and we need to believe that this One, God himself, can be bigger than we could ever imagine.

Some people who have looked at how the church and Christians have approached science, have stated that we seem to be behind the times or that we are anti-intellectual or “less intellectually active.” Maybe because some well publicized Christians have not wanted to hear about how God could have created this world and everything around it, they just want to say God created, enough said. Many believe that Christians do not want to hear about the findings of science because it threatens their faith. They don’t want to know the ‘how’ portion of the answer, they just want to believe what they have always been told. Think of all of the things we have witnessed the discovery of; countless new animal species, stars, planets, and the list goes on and on. God knew about all of these in the beginning, because he created them. His touch was on all things.

The difference between Science and Faith is this; Science explains the process of how the universe works, faith on the other hand, helps us to recognize why the universe works and what our existence means. While science asks questions like what and how, our faith asks the question why. Science should not undermine your faith and your belief in a God of immeasurable love. The account of creation in Genesis is not to be a science textbook. It does not tell us how God created all of this, but it does tell us that he DID create it. However, this world came into being; Big Bang, Inflation, Evolution, it really doesn’t matter because I believe that however it happened, God was the creator of it. It’s just fun and interesting to learn as we go about the how and when God actually created.

So, let’s remember that we get it wrong when we are close-minded about scientific discoveries. What is the opposite of being close-minded? How about teachable? When we open up our minds and allow ourselves to learn new things, we become teachable. We become respectful by listening and not being argumentative. We also show others the love of Christ when we take the time to truly listen, not judge and learn from everything and everyone around us.