What-are-you-planting-slideThis past Sunday for our worship service, we focused on a popular movie, as we will next week also. This week we looked at “The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” and what message it has for our lives. We focused on main themes and quotes from the movie. Here is an excerpt from that message.

“The difference between what we want and what we fear is the width of an eyelash.” One of the many memorable quotes from the movie the second best exotic marigold hotel. Last week we touched on faith and how so many of the great biblical characters accomplished so much “by faith.” But they had to get outside the box, try new things, even if they might be a little scary.

Sometimes it’s the fear that gets in the way of trying new things, of getting outside of our comfort zones, that keep us trapped in the same old thing, day after day. That fear, that as Evelyn from the movie describes, is only the width of an eyelash to what we want.

I think Douglas, another character, sums this up when he says this; “The really frustrating thing is that we could be madly happy. And to not go after that, not to take the risk when it’s so close you could almost reach out and touch it. The great terrible thing about life is just so much bloody potential.” (Read with a British accent…)

The fear and risks keep us from reaching out and accomplishing all the God has in store for us. So I will ask you today, as I asked you last week, what is standing in your way, what fear and risks do you have to overcome to reach out and become madly happy?

I guess we could say that the over-arching theme found in this movie is that of relationships. But not just the relationships between people of the same age. We find one of the most profound relationships building between “Sonny,” the owner of the hotel and “Mrs. Donnelly,” played by Maggie Smith. Mrs. Donnelly is helping Sonny secure funding for a hotel expansion. She knows that Sonny can’t handle all the details of this business, so she offers her guidance and wisdom.

Many of you have raised children into adults, and many others are beginning to raise your own children. I think we can all relate to what Mrs. Donnelly in doing here. We want our kids to succeed so we give them every opportunity we can to make sure they are on the right path, that they have the resources they need, that they have the education to make all the right decisions. Basically, we want them to have a life of happiness, a life of love, a life they enjoy.

In 1st Corinthians chapter 3, we find Paul, writing to the people in the Church at Corinth.  He tells the church that it may be Paul who planted the seeds of the gospel, and it may be Apollos who watered those same seeds by nourishing them through teaching and preaching, but it was God who made them grow in their faith. Even in our lives, we become vessels for God to use. We can plant seeds. We can even water the seeds. But we need God to make the seeds grow.

Mrs. Karvelious was a second grade teacher. She had a way of inspiring her kids to learn, of helping them get excited about school, and made it fun in the process. She would infuse music into all areas of her teaching and instilled in my very young life, a love of music and singing. She was the catalyst which began a life long journey of singing for me.

Mrs. Karvelious planted a seed in my heart, the love of music, which, when watered by others in my life like my church choir director, high school orchestra and choir director, and so many others, guided me through my life. This led to singing in many choirs, special events like sharing the national anthem, singing in church, and even singing with the Alleluia Quartet.

A tiny seed, planted by an elementary school teacher, watered by many others, but given growth and life through the grace of God, has blossomed and grown into the tree of my life.

What about each of you? Did someone plant a seed in your life, in your heart? Did someone plant a seed within your life, that was watered, and by the grace of God, grew into a tree that you call your life? Was it a teacher, a parent, a grandparent, maybe a neighbor, a church member, a pastor, or just someone who lived down the street?

Have you planted any seeds? Have you watered any seeds that may have been planted by someone else? Or maybe you need to look for an opportunity to plant and water. Take the time, spend it wisely, and remember a wonderful quote from this movie; “There’s no present, like the time.”