Back-to-Church-2015Romans 8:31-39 is a wonderful reminder of the love God has for us. He does not want to be separated from us, ever. Take a moment to read through this powerful passage…

Nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus. Wow, is that good news. We will never be separated; God will be with us, wherever or whenever we are.

This past Sunday we looked at the movie “Back to the Future” and how it relates to the Christian faith. If you remember, this movie is based off an invention by Doc Brown. He invented a time machine.

I recall Doc Brown’s worry about time travel, which is repeated many times throughout all three movies. He always warned Marty that “A man should not know too much about his own destiny.” True Doc, very true. We should not know too much about our own destiny, provided we have a destiny as the movies suggest.

Doc Brown spoke of the reason he invented the time machine a few times, but none more meaningful and poignant than in part 2 when he spoke with Marty about it this way. He said that he invented time travel in order to see the “clear perception of humanity, where we’ve been, where we’re going, the pitfalls, possibilities, perils, and the promise.”

What a statement! To actually witness history and see the results of our actions, that would be incredible. Maybe to learn from our mistakes, before we make them, our pitfalls and perils, but also to see the wonderful possibilities that waits for us, the promise of this life.

This is where I see Doc Brown’s vision as limiting, but his spoken words, prophetic. Doc sees everything from a perspective of this world, what’s going to happen while we are living on this earth. He looks to our families, careers, friends, and communities, but doesn’t see the bigger picture. What will happen after this life, what will we do when we truly run out of time?

The promise which Doc speaks of, I see as God’s promise to us is the hope of eternal life. The promise of resurrection, in Christ. The promise of the recreation of this earth and heaven invading our broken humanity, perfecting us in love as we celebrate and praise our God for eternity. That’s the promise I want all of you to know.  (Pause)

Something else I found interesting about Doc Brown, he seems to always be there. Whether it 1985, 1955, 2015, the alternative 1985, or even 1885 and beyond, Doc is always there. Marty even asks him twice in the first movie; “Look me up when you get there.” Doc’s answer to him; “Indeed, I will.”

Let me tell you this, and it may be the first time you have heard it; it may be the thousandth time, but please know this, God is with you, all the time. Before you were born, during those days when you were learning how to walk, when you first drove he was certainly there then. But he was also with you when you first asked that person out, when you crashed your car, when you got married, when you had your children, when you lost that job, when you had your heart broken, when that trailer surprised you, when your grandchildren were born, when you retired. God was with you!

God will continue to be with you, good times or bad, we just need to open our hearts to him and feel his presence.

Doc Brown states at the end of this trilogy of movies; “You’re future hasn’t been written, make it a good one.” Our future is not controlled by our past, it is not controlled by all of those things we wish we could forget, things that we haven’t gotten right.

Our future has a hope, our future has a name, and our future’s name is the most powerful name that has ever been heard because at his name, every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that He is Lord, of all.