david and goliathMy reading today is from the very well known story of David and Goliath. This story puts the weak against the strong, the small against the large, the ultimate underdog against the ultimate warrior. We all have probably heard the story, we remember that good triumphs over evil, the underdog wins the battle and therefore, God’s prevailing witness of the weak and small being valued over the strong or even firstborn. God’s rules seem to always look a little different than ours.

But what I found interesting today came from David’s words, the word that he spoke to Goliath, and to the rest of the Philistines and Israelite who were listening to him. Goliath began the exchange by claiming that he would kill any man, he defied the armies of Israel, it was all about Goliath. I know quite a few people who believe that it is all about them. But David’s response is different. David comes to this battle “in the name of the Lord Almighty,” stating that the Lord will deliver Goliath into his hands. You see, it is not David who is going to win this battle, it is God and David proclaims that message before he even begins. But who does he claims this for? Who is he trying to witness to by saying these things? It is not Goliath as we all know that he is not around for very long anyway. This message is for the Israelites, in their unbelief. It is for the Philistines who did not believe, or ignorance of God. This victory is for the glory of God!

Oh how I can think of so many times that I had to face an enemy of mine. Maybe I was able to defeat them, but I surely didn’t give God the credit. This is what God is convicting me of today. God is telling me, and maybe you too, that we can have the victory over evils in this world, but we should never take the credit for the battles. These victories are for the glory of God. And there is good reason for this as these battles are witnesses to those around us. They witness to who our God is and what he can do. I can think of a couple of good people fighting battles with cancer, who are claiming the victory in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. They are witnessing to the great power of our God as they fight these battles.

People are watching, and they are seeing what our God can do. Be a witness in your lives, in all you do, point to the living God who provides all our needs and all of our victories! To God be the glory, Amen.