glorify3Hannah had just given birth to Samuel and had him dedicated in the same temple where she was praying when she was told by the priest of her favor with God. Now, after dedicating him and leaving him in the temple with the priest Eli, Hannah pffers a prayer to God. It’s not that she offered the prayer that has me intrigued, but the content of her prayer. So many things she mentions in this prayer foreshadow other this to come and other great teachings that we will receive in the New Testament.

Like many wonderfully articulated prayers from the Bible, Hannah begins with absolute praise for the God who has made all of this possible. “My heart rejoices in the Lord,” and “There is no one holy like the Lord.” But here is where she begins to speak like our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. She speaks in terms of the weak becoming strong and the strong being humbled, the well fed will starve and the hungry will be filled, and ones who can have no children, do, while others with children suddenly cannot any longer. Hannah even prophecies to the work of Christ in verse 6; “The Lord brings death and makes alive; he brings down to the grave and raises up.” This could be looking ahead to Jesus’ raising Lazerus from the dead or even God raising Jesus from the dead after the crucifixion and Christ’s entering the grave. Either way, this is a powerful prayer full of thanksgiving and proclamation of God’s wonderful deeds.

Sure Hannah made this prayer during a joyful time in her life, but I believe she would have prayed this even in the hard times, as she was faithful to God. Can we say the same? Can we offer a prayer like this one for all of the good things God has done for us? I hope so. As we continue this journey through Lent, let us truly offer ourselves in prayer for those around us, never forgetting the awesome power of our God!