Two weeks ago, I had the honor of leading a group of young people (age and spirit) on a work trip to Camp Courageous in Monticello, IA. During this trip we had an experience that we all will not soon forget.

On our second night there, we arrived back at camp from a trip to the store to find fire trucks, ambulances and police cars. We soon found out that one of the campers, a 13 year old autistic boy, had gone missing. The word went out and none of our group said a word, but we changed into outdoor clothes and immediately went to the lodge to get directions on what they needed us to do. We eventually formed a search and rescue line from the north to the south, starting in the east and covering 40 acres. With nothing but 4′ on each side of us, we walked slowly through the camp, searching every square inch for the lost camper. We had to travel through rocky ravines, cliffs and hills, thorn bushes, muddy ground and poison ivy covered terrain. We did this, all of this for someone we didn’t know, for someone who didn’t know us but someone who was in need of desperate help. We didn’t find him during our 4 hour search that ended around 2 in the morning. Thankfully, we received word the next morning at breakfast that he was found.

Sometimes I think about God’s love and how He searches for us. I think it is like our search and rescue line. God will go anywhere to find us. He will go to our homes, our sporting events, our work places. He travels to the shopping malls, movie theaters, bars, partys, back alleys and anywhere else we travel in our lives. He never sleeps, he continues to search for the lost, until we are all found. He’s looking for you right now, do you want to be found? Trust me, it’s far better in the light than wandering around in darkness not sure of why you are here on this earth. Turn around, He’s right there, He will always be.