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Who Are You?

Over the past couple of datumblr_lcf1kdN3bY1qcd3beo1_500ys I have heard and read about Jeremiah and no I don’t mean the bullfrog! Jeremiah was a prophet who, like most prophets, felt that they were not capable to the task God was calling them. He felt that he was too young and that people wouldn’t listen to him. How could the elders of his time listen to someone so young and so inexperienced? But God told him that he needed to go wherever God wanted him to go and tell the people what he wanted them to hear. Jeremiah also was afraid. He was afraid not only of not getting the respect of those older than he was, but also about what they would do to him but God told him to not be terrified by them or He would terrify him in front of them. There’s some motivation for you!

What is said at the beginning of the book of Jeremiah is the main focus of what I have heard over the past couple of days. God speaks to Jeremiah and tells him that “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you.” This goes for me and you too, before we were born, God knew us. He knew the plans that he had for us, what he will call us to do, and he knew that before we were born. Not only that, but before we were conceived! As I look back over the past year or so during my discernement, I see it with new eyes. I see this path I am on with a new focus. God had this plan for me all along, he groomed me through the many trials and experiences in my life. That’s what this life has been, a journey. But this journey has a purpose, and I know what that is now. But what about you? Do you know who you are? Do you know what God has called you to do or be? God does, and He has known for a long time. He knew before you were formed in your mothers womb.

Here is the very basic answer: You are a child of God! You may be called to be many different things, but we are all called to be a child of God. Name it and claim it because it is true!

Be Still

ImageSo many times we hear the words “be still,” and many of those times it is followed by “and know that I am God.” However, as I begin to look forward to mine and my wife’s 20th anniversary this year and our trip to a secluded cottage in Wisconsin, I am reminded at how couples communicate. Newly married couples talk and explore as much as they can as their relationship is new and there is so much to learn about each other. As I look at my relationship with Sherry, I am reminded about those words, “be still.”

There are so many times that I find comfort in just being near my wife. We don’t have to speak to be understood, we just need to be. When I am with Sherry, I can just be; just be myself, no acting, no hiding. Just be. I can think of many times when we are driving and we are not speaking, but that is ok, I am with her and I am complete.

2013-01-10_07-49-08_353So the day begins with the phone call that every parent dreads, “your daughter’s been in an accident!” The thoughts begin racing through your head, Is she ok? I anyone else hurt? How is the car? What’s for lunch? (oh, maybe not that one!) But then the deeper question begin to come, Did I tell her that I love her lately? Have I taught her all that I could have? Does she have a relationship with Christ?

I consider myself lucky because I believe that I have done those things, but the questions are still there. Stephanie is one incredible person, daughter, sister, friend, leader, mentor, inspiration, and the list could go on and on!

Well, for those who don’t know, Stephanie was in an accident this morning and totalled her car. She was in a head-on collision with another car and all of those involved walked away! God was certainly there with them. She will be bruised up and sore for the next couple of days, but she will heal and no doubt, be stronger for it. I love her with all of my heart and want her and the whole world to know it. Give your kids an extra hug & kiss tonight before they go to bed and say a little prayer for their safe keeping.

The other surprise; while I was breaking land speed records across town (I think it was around 12-14 minutes from the Cherryvale Mall to Auburn and Church St!), I recieved a call from my youngest daughter to tell me that “Steph’s alright and the other Steph’s alright too. They are in the ambulance, but they are just going to the hospital to get checked out, so don’t worry.” When did Jessica grow up so fast? She is just so dang cute and now is maturing in some of her thoughts and actions. So proud of you Jessica!