What is the hardest thing that has ever been asked of you? Pretty tough question if I ask myself. I get asked a lot of things at work, at home, with other friends and some of them seem pretty hard. However, one that really sticks out in my memory is when Sherry and I were told that we could leave the hospital after the birth of Stephanie, but our daughter was going to have to stay there for a couple of months. Leaving my daughter in the hospital while Sherry and I went home was probably the hardest thing that has ever been asked of me. How about you?

In Genesis chapter 22, we find Abraham taking his only son Isaac to an alter to offer a burnt sacrifice to God. But Abraham brings only himself, Isaac, wood, fire and a knife. Where is the offering? God has asked Abraham to offer his son as the sacrifice, his only son! First, how could God ask this of Abraham and second, how could Abraham follow through? Isaac is his only son, he has no others so God is asking him to stop the family blood line with Abraham. What a request!

Now my thought of leaving Stephanie in the hospital for a couple of months doesn’t seem so hard after all. Is it bad enough that Gods asks Abraham to do this, or that Abraham almost goes through with it? Of course he would have, he had Isaac bound on top of the alter and his knife drawn to slay his only son. What must Isaac have been thinking? There really is no mention of what was going on in Isaac’s mind as his father was about to kill him. Just then, God intervened with an angel to tell Abraham to stop.

But Abraham had the faith and the fear in God to do all that was asked of him, regardless of the cost, even if it cost him everything. How are we in faith. Do we have the faith to listen and obey all that God has asked of us? I hope and pray that I do!