As I read Genesis chapter 21, I am reminded that through God, all things are truly possible. Loot at Abraham and Sarah, for so long they wanted to have children but were never able to. Then, when they were old, God proved what He could do and gave a son to Abraham and Sarah.

Sarah was amused about this because she didn’t think this was possible. The world has told her that it was not going to happen, that she would not give birth to a son. But God. God stepped in and proved his power by making all the impossible things possible.

Think about your lives today, about all of the things that the world tells us are impossible. I’m sure you have all run into someone who has told you that you couldn’t do something. Something that they or the world has determined to be impossible. Stop listening to the voices of this world and focus your ears on the voice of truth who is telling you that it is possible, and He can make it happen if you just believe in Him and trust Him to guide you on the path that He has chosen for you. Everything is possible, with God!